I thought i would let the clients speak for themselves about some of the solutions that they have experienced whilst working with me.

'Politics, manipulation and game playing can create a stressful environment especially to a newly appointed board member. The continuum of interpersonal skills model provides insights into the motivating factors that are often behind these behaviours and teaches you how to spot this when it is happening around you and deal with it in a way that makes you comfortable in these shark infested waters, and in fact to prosper as a result. Working systematically with Pamela through her model has been material to my progress and the success I have achieved in the last two years and it is central to my plans for the future.'

Director of Finance

'Only recently I turned around a poor performing team and enabled them to improve on their performance targets. To do so I invested time establishing my credibility and this has paid off with high praise from the CEO of the organisation.'

Company Director

'Walking into a room of strangers and feeling comfortable to speak. I had to attend a conference dinner with an arranged seating plan. I was put on one of the top tables and not sitting next to my colleague. I knew I would have to actively engage in conversation with senior executives. I would normally shy away from this situation, doing anything to avoid it. Having used the techniques to build rapport, which I am still learning, I felt confident in initiating conversation. After formal instructions using the specific technique of having a 'conversation piece' -'rapport building device': to use as a topic of conversation, I use my complicated difficult to pronounce surname as a starting point - as a focus to break into informal conversation. This then set me on a journey of increasing self confidence to have normal conversations with whom I would normally perceive to be 'out of my league' professionally. Through this encounter I was able to make contacts for the future.'

Director of Finance

Below are some brief case studies of my consulting experiences and a description of the benefits the customer experienced.

Director Coaching

Business Relationship Techniques

Group Career Redevelopment

Appraisal of the Appraisal Process

Salary Enhancement through Skills Marketing

Career Development Coaching