Salary Enhancement Through Skills Marketing


Worked with Senior Manager to improve self marketing skills resulting in a 228% increase in salary

Difference experienced :

When talking to a Senior Accountant who was bemused that he was earning less than before his MBA and was doing contract work for a supermarket, I realised that his expertise lay in business start ups. I remarketed his skills and within 3 weeks he had achieved a 45K increase in salary working for a prestigious Insurance Broking company.

Interestingly he was also a very tall man and tended to hunch down and did this when I interviewed him. I advised him that if he wanted to be paid as a Senior Manager it was time for him to take up his full height. This one single change had a remarkable effect on his personal presentation and impact.

A year later he was earning 100k and returned to see me for further assistance because he wanted to find a more stimulating role.



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