Benefits for Individuals

'It's still early days and I have a lot to learn as I work my way up 'the continuum of interpersonal skills'. I strongly recommend this approach which I believe will benefit anyone seeking to improve their general performance in all aspects of their life'

Director of Finance

'I am still amazed. I have learnt how to establish credibility and how to make a request, become aware of the concepts of power and the hierarachy of language, a good tool for building rapport. I used to think working hard would get me recognised and I was shocked to learn how people get recognised. Pamela, the Continuum of Interpersonal Skills and the People Skills Revolution have equipped me with management skills'.

Community Midwife

'Using the techniques I can now spot this (deflections) so easily in discussions- particularly in difficult conversations. I have learnt to - no matter how much a deflection it is - crucially not to respond or to be dragged in. Instead I politely acknowledge a point but bring the conversation back to my agendas. Being familiar with deflection tactics means you can spot the signals and will have prepared techniques to manage them. This avoids losing control of the conversation, avoids emotional conversations. Means you stay on the periphery of a disasterous situation rather than in the middle of it'

Director of Finance

'All attempts to express the complexities of human interaction are partial but this 'Continuum of Interpersonal Skills' is more inclusive than most. This articulation of a model that is simple enough to fit on one page yet subtle enough to support the lifetime task of developing interpersonal skills is an attractive recipe.

There is a choice offered throughout and the language used is supportive and optimistic. The positive consequences of moving through the continuum are self evident'.

Doctor of Professional Practice