My Approach

My approach is completely solution orientated and client focused. Although I have an entire 'tool kit' of strategies at my disposal, they are introduced at a time and pace that suits the needs of the client.

I have found that people do not change when they feel unsafe. Clients find it reassuring that I have effective strategies that incrementally build on each other from assertiveness, through to influencing, negotiation, conciliation, taking a stand and making peace.

When they try a step-by-step approach and it works, they feel more calm, in control and are curious to learn the other skills that will lead them to achieving even better results.

Success in one set of skills encourages success in another set of skills so that success breeds success in an upward spiral. Life becomes more like a playground than a battlefield 

Many of my clients have achieves outcomes in their careers that they would not have previously dreamed possible.  

'I have to say that I was not buying into the whole concept during my first session, interpreting influencing as manipulation and against my quite well defined and strong principles.

This changed quickly as Pamela teaches you to understand the social and cultural background of the person you are working with and I adapted her techniques to get the results. This means that the method she has developed is based on core principles that can be adapted effecitvely to a wide range of situations.

Looking back on our sessions, what remains with me is that there was almost a psychological analysis of a situation which was translated into a systematic appraoch and this, I found, was a very powerful learning tool.

Consultant Anaesthetist.