The Challenges

Nearly all my clients are under stress when I am asked to work with them. Why else would they invest in spending time with me?

Some typical challenges they face are:

  • Having to do more with less
  • Dealing with 'difficult' people and 'arch manipulators'  
  • Not having a clear leadership style
  • Motivating demotivated staff
  • No time to think and reflect
  • Not knowing how to get people and their teams 'on board' with their ideas
  • How to keep a group functioning when it is being disrupted by one of its members
  • What to do when applying for more senior jobs in terms of the application and interview process
  • How to 'read' the organisational politics
  • Working with people with very different agendas and styles  

I encourage them to look differently at their situation, provide new perspectives and develop skills which help them navigate through the business terrain.