Group Development

Sometimes economies of scale and the need for greater interaction indicates developing people in groups

Always focusing on the end result of what the client needs, I construct a group programme, with the desired outcome in mind, building up all the elements required to achieve a particular goal or skill. 

My solutions contain original material and ‘light bulb’ moments. People report thinking and behaving differently, feeling more confident and in control after the event. They achieve better results which are noticed by themselves and their colleagues.

Just some of the group programmes I run include :

  • Improving group and team effectiveness
  • Management Development
  • Organisationally Linked Appraisals 
  • Career Transformations  
  • Navigating Through Change
  • Manager as Coach
  • Communicating with Impact

In designing group programmes I listen closely to the business need and create group solutions which are intelligent, creative, enjoyable, stimulating, have a logical, cumulative build and most importantly are effective.

Here are some random comments from a recent management development programme.

'Brilliant - I thoroughly enjoyed it and rediscovered myself and improved on my strengths and weaknesses.'

'It was a great experience and I have learnt to believe in myself and see what I could do.'

I found the course very interesting and I feel that it has pushed me to complete something I have never previously attempted.

'I will recommend the course - even to my enemy.'  


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