Career Transformation

For many years  I used to work for an outplacement company who had numerous prestigious companies amongst their clients. During this time I assisted thousands of people to move from a place of rejection and fear to a place of success often enabling them to achieve higher salaries and improved job prospects in the process.

Having been made redundant myself in the past on two occasions, I very much take the view that redundancy or displacement should be regarded as an opportunity not a threat.

I am highly skilled at working out the client's 'Unique Selling Proposition' and then helping them to market themselves in such a way that they come across as professional, capable and in control.

My success rate in assisting clients to get jobs which match their skills, enhance their careers and up lift their salaries is second to none - even in the depths of recession.

I believe they can do it and as a result my clients get to believe it too.

'Pam's strategies and concepts helped my performance at work and this was noticed. I was less quick to compromise - to avoid potential conflict where the compromise was clearly not the best solution. I now saw myself in a different light, applied for a director's post and was appointed. Because I can focus and expand on my new found strengths, I am now confident of following through.'

Director of Finance



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